On February 11, 2012 Knight & Hale Pro Team member, Mark Prudhomme won a Grand National Calling Championship.  This in itself is a great feat, but for Mark it was just 1 of 13 such titles that he has won since 2002.  The number “13” isn’t unlucky for Mark; in fact it is very lucky.  Lucky 13 put Mark at the top of the record books with the most Grand National Titles in NWTF history!

This year he won 3 titles: Wild Turkey Rare Breed Champion of Champions (4th time in a row), Owl Hooting (4th championship) and Grand National Team Challenge with partner Kerry Terrell (5th championship).  The Rare Breed Champion of Champions is considered the highest honor in the turkey calling world.  During that competition, the competitors must use five different calls to produce: assembly yelp, excited hen yelp, gobble, kee kee run and cluck & purr.  Mark used several Knight & Hale calls during the competition including: the Sweet V (3 reed diaphragm), the Prosecutor (2 ½ reed diaphragm) and the Mark Prudhomme Owl Call.

Mark wasn’t the only Knight & Hale Pro Team member that performed well at the Grand National Calling Championships however.  Chris Parrish and Kerry Terrell posted outstanding performances during the week as well.  Kerry had a 3rd place finish in the Rare Breed Champion of Champions, 1st place Team Challenge (with Prudhomme) and 4th place finish in the Senior Division Championship.  Kerry used his signature “Terminator” (3 ½ reed diaphragm) throughout the various competitions.  5 time Champion of Champions winner Chris Parrish used his signature “Preacher” (3 reed diaphragm) to anchor a 3rd place trophy in the Senior Division Championship.

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