Well…kind of. In the very scientific investigation conducted in the video below, these shooters put an AK and AR rifle against each other in the most hostile of environments: one where Twinkies attack an operator’s firearm through the magwell. As for the results, I’ll let the video speak for itself.


photo: Alex07

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3 thoughts on “The Superiority of the AK Over the AR is Finally Scientifically Proven

  1. Your test is flawed. I have performed dozens of similar tests and the AR has won every time. The problem is the test media. The AR is a US design so you chose well with the Twinkie. For my tests I used the Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie. I feel it’s a more iconic American Pastry. As for the Kalashnikov, you should have used a Russian Tea Cake. Tea cakes always gum up the bolt on an AK, everybody knows that.
    While US troops would commonly eat Twinkies or Little Debbie, No Russian Soldier would have a Twinkie or Little Debbie in his posession unless he took it off an American Solder, in which case he would have dropped the AK and carried the M16.

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