As experts predict a record number of mosquitoes this summer, concerned consumers fear mosquito borne illnesses and want DEET-free repellent options such as ThermaCELL lanterns and appliances. ThermaCELL, the most effective area repellent available, has been approved by the EPA and found to be a highly effective in tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense.

“One of the warmest winters on record could lead to a bug bonanza over the next few weeks…” Entomologist George Hamilton of Rutgers University, was quoted in USA Today stating mosquitoes could be an issue this year. In some places, the onslaught has already begun: “We’re seeing insects out there that we don’t usually see this time of year…,” says Missy Henriksen of the National Pest Management Association.”*

The mild temperatures are already causing mosquito issues in cities such as Houston and in the Gulf. “If the trend of warm weather and rain continues this season, mosquitoes will hatch earlier than usual and reproduce faster,” said Allegra Lowitt, vice president of marketing. “ThermaCELL products are the only repellent option on the market that is this effective, has no odor and works in minutes.” ThermaCELL lanterns and appliances can discreetly protect everyone in your family, replacing the need to douse in DEET.

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