With spring turkey hunting season already begun or quickly approaching in many parts of the United States, take time to appreciate the conservation efforts of your state’s conservation agency and other groups that have made turkey hunting possible. Fifty-two years ago, turkey hunting in Missouri was brought back from the brink by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

In 1937, the MDC formed to restore Missouri’s perilous fisheries, forests and wildlife populations. That same year, turkey hunting was banned as the population couldn’t sustain hunting after decades of over-hunting and westward expansion that devastated turkey habitat and population.

The MDC’s conservation efforts are one of the greatest success stories. Since 1960 hunters have been able to hunt turkey, albeit in limited numbers. View the video below from the MDC to see historical turkey hunting photos and learn more about the challenges the MDC faced and what efforts led to their successful reintroduction.


Photo: Darin House

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2 thoughts on “Missouri Department of Conservation Helped Save the State’s Turkey Population More Than 50 Years Ago

  1. I’m glad the turkey was saved but turkey hunting is still very cruel.  These are amazing creatures and should be left to live and let live….

    1. Given the chance a turkey would kill you without hesitation. Remember that next time you want to let the turkeys live. 

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