Thanks in part to one of the largest conventions in Dallas Safari Club (DSC) history, the hunting and conservation organization is able to grant more than $1 million for conservation in 2012.

Much of the money will go toward research, hunting and conservation of animals worldwide. Places like Africa, Asia, North America and numerous places and organizations throughout the United States will also receive grants.

DSC has already helped by responding to a budgetary crisis at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, supplying the department with $67,000 for various initiatives.

Original press release issued by Dallas Safari Club on March 21st, 2012

In 2012, Dallas Safari Club (DSC) will grant over $1 million for conservation, education and hunter advocacy efforts worldwide. It’s the first time that DSC’s annual grant budget has topped the million-dollar mark. The 2012 figure represents a 27 percent gain over 2011.

DSC’s record commitment follows major growth in its annual convention and expo. The 2012 event, held Jan. 5-8 at the Dallas Convention Center, set records for event size, attendance and total fundraising.

“Supporters of Dallas Safari Club have raised the bar again,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “Together, our convention exhibitors, attendees, members and volunteers continue to drive our club’s amazing growth. This trend is something very special for DSC itself, but even more importantly, for the causes of wildlife and habitat conservation around the world.”

Projects to receive DSC funding this year include new research on lions and lion hunting in Africa, conservation efforts for Siberian snow tigers, and study of wolf interactions with elk in New Mexico. There is continuing work for polar bears, white-tailed deer and bobwhite quail. Education and hunter advocacy efforts in Zambia, British Columbia, South Africa, Wyoming, Tanzania, Alaska, Montana and Washington D.C. also will receive DSC funding.

More than $67,000 in DSC grants will support homegrown Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. initiatives such as desert bighorn sheep restoration, Operation Game Thief and other law enforcement programs, Hunters For The Hungry, hunter education courses and more.

Finally, funding also will support DSC’s own mission delivery programs, such as the Dallas Ecological Foundation’s popular Outdoor Adventures program, which is expanding conservation curriculum in Texas schools.

DSC’s total funding commitment for 2012 is $1,002,411.

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  1. Like I have been taught and long believed, The legal ethical hunter and angler are the real deal, put your money where your mouth is conservationist. Kudos to DSC, for their generosity.  

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