Hunter’s Specialties offers turkey hunters four great diaphragm calls along with a DVD featuring hunts by the Pro Staff in the Legends Four Diaphragm Combo Pack.

The new combo pack contains four Premium Flex Infinity Latex diaphragm calls. Included are the Deep Cut, a four reed cutter-style call, the Tech 3, with a split top reed for crisp cutts and high- pitched raspy yelping, the Power V, a four reed split V style for the ultimate in raspy calling and the Li’l Strut, a three reed style with an angled and split top reed for more rasp. Infinity Latex is the most durable and consistent latex available and doesn’t require a break-in period like most diaphragm calls. The tape used in the calls is water resistant providing a call that will sound great through a whole season of calling.

The Legends Four DVD contains a compilation of some the Pro Staff members’ favorite video hunts. Phillip Vanderpool, Matt Morrett, Rick White and Eddie Salter take viewers along on 12 memorable hunts that show why turkey hunting is still one of America’s favorite sports.

The Legends Four Diaphragm Combo Pack sells for a suggested retail price of $10.99.

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