A spinnerbait pulsates past. Nearby fish glance, then turn their dorsals and go about their business. Past catch and release nightmare experiences have them cultured. They’ve been here, ate it. Many bare the scarred jaws to prove it.

That said, spinnerbaits fool bass into feeding in a wide range of conditions. Even the average-Joe’s bait has the flash and vibration to entice a few strikes. But at a second glance, wiser bass that have been hoodwinked by one will hesitate. It looks hauntingly familiar. Better to pass on it than pay the price of being skewered, lipped and flipped back in again.

Realizing it takes more tantalization than ever to turn an educated, chunkier fish into tackling such a common lure as the spinnerbait, the designers at Terminator added extra flare to the already industry best T-1. After great scrutiny, they realized if you take a spinnerbait (which we admit is one of the most unrealistic looking baits known) and dress it up to be more minnow-matter-of-fact, you can dupe more fish. Period.

As a result, Terminator introduces the new T-1 spinnerbaits with Power Pulse QuickSkirts. A radical change in spinnerbait design, you ask? No… Terminator already wow’d the fishing crowd when they introduced the patented vibration-enhancing SnapBack Titanium Frame to the spinnerbait scene years ago.

The T-1’s new Power Pulse QuickSkirts are much more than the plain-Jane pulsating legs of the past. They’re forage-like in look and locomotion, and are easy to change on the spot so anglers can quickly alter colors, convincing that bass that struck once to strike again. The thick main body of the Power Pulse QuickSkirt wafts around the Terminator T-1’s super-sharp premium VMC hook while a center extension of tentacles envelop the #6250 VMC trailer hook, if you so choose to add one.

While fooling a fish once on a spinnerbait might be easy, coaxing it to hit again takes more than the common flicker and flash. You need the truest-running, longest-lasting, and most versatile spinnerbait on the market – the Terminator T-1 with Power Pulse QuickSkirt.

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