Comfortably carrying your treasured binocular or camera around your neck has never been more pleasant, thanks to the designers at Vero Vellini. With the introduction of three new contoured and hand-crafted neck slings from Vero Vellini, the weight of your binocular or camera is effortlessly distributed to reduce tension and fatigue on even the longest and most grueling hikes.

Available in two stylish designs of either a bounce-absorbing Air-Cushion neoprene with hand-stitched piping or a lavishly padded premium Napa leather, the Vero Vellini Binocular/Camera Slings are the only sensible ways to carry your binocular or camera comfortably, while remaining at the ready. The contoured pattern of these slings wrap around your shoulders and neck to evenly distribute the weight of your optical cargo.

The slip-proof neoprene Vero Vellini Binocular/Camera Sling is available in two color combinations: forest green with brown piping or black with black piping. The Napa-leather version is available with two-tone finely finished leather and a soft slip-proof suede backing. The neoprene version is priced at $44.99, and the Napa-leather sling is $99.99. Both can be purchased at fine gun stores around the country or from the convenience of your own home by visiting

You’ve invested no small amount of your hard-earned money in your high-end optics, so why carry them by the binocular or camera manufacturer’s included strap that lacks comfort and may slip at the worst possible moment? Let Vero Vellini carry your gear with comfort and confidence.

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