Bass can be choosy when it comes to blowing up on topwater baits. At any given moment, it might be one action or shape that triggers a strike, or instigates sudden disinterest. Sometimes it’s the spatter of a wide-bodied, water-pushing popper that’s preferred. Other times it’s the slender shape and whirling props that whip the surface, and bass, into a lather. In either case, the sound created by the lure should reverberate through lateral lines from afar, but without excessive splash and celebration. All the while, a lure must look realistic and run true. A lot to ask for, but doable.

Because of the aforementioned truths, Rapala devised two new irresistible topwaters to roil the surface – the X-Rap Pop and the X-Rap Prop. Each bares a shape and action that bass can’t help but boil on.

“The X-Rap Prop and X-Rap Pop are sophisticated lures with the perfect sound, action and colors that bass zone in on,” says Bernie Schultz, Rapala Pro and touring BASS Elite Series Angler. “Both run with a true, straight-on action that allows the angler to be in control. Working them around structure is effortless. And both ride with their tail slightly below the surface when paused, which means more hook ups.”

The X-Rap Pop has an arched body, wide head and deep-cupped maw; the X-Rap Prop a triangular shape that moves a lot of water and gives it a deep, resonating “BLOOP” with each snap of the rod tip. “The X-Rap Pop is a great choice when you need to get the attention of bass tucked in thick cover, or when fishing over deep clear water,” said Schultz. Furthermore, the X-Rap Prop can also be fished with finesse, yielding a toned down spitting action – a feature truly unique to this bait.

The X-Rap Prop, on the other hand, boasts a thin, extra-buoyant body and counter-rotating props that “CLACK” as they spin, generating a seductively subtler echo or chip. “They don’t sound like other prop baits, and bass notice,” Schultz confirms.

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