Vibrant photos catch your eye more than words? Like browsing our blog for all our competition photos, gun close-ups and more? If so, you may be interested in Pinterest.

Maybe you’ve seen a segment on the news about this fast-growing service, or heard someone mention it in conversation.

What is Pinterest? Simply put, Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can share, or “pin,” all the cool images you’ve found on the web. It’s just images, no text except captions. Anyone can view your board and you can browse through others’ to see all the great things they’ve shared.

As you know, NRAblog has lots of photos we take from all the places we go. We’ve recently started an account on Pinterest and have begun sharing some of the images and video we’ve collected over the years.

Friends of NRA also has a page and are sharing all the photos they’re sent from Friends of NRA events as well as the great auction items available this year.

You don’t need an account to see the images, but if you want to share some of your own or create a collection of your favorite NRAblog or Friends of NRA photos, you’ll have to register.

Registering is easy, though, you can either login with your Facebook or Twitter account, or request an invite with your e-mail address. If you link your page with Facebook, you can easily see which of your Facebook friends are also on Pinterest and what they’ve shared.

Like other social networks, you can follow anyone you want on Pinterest. The images of those you follow will determine what appears on your homepage.

Check out the NRAblog and Friends of NRA pages, as well as Pinterest in general. There’s something for everyone.

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