Without giving away too many details on the upcoming season of MidwayUSA’s Gun Stories, Potterfield tells Outdoor Channel personality Michael Bane that there are plans to film some shooting, reloading and gunsmithing videos.  As far as what guns specifically, that’s still unknown, but Potterfield keeps audiences in suspense as he explains how specific projects are picked for the show.

“What we do in GunTec is film interesting stuff that I’m personally interested in that probably nobody else would film,” said Potterfield.  “So when you see us restore an antique Parker shotgun, when you see us take an old Remington Rolling Block and make Custer’s sporting rifle out of it, I’m personally interested in that stuff and something like this would be good to teach. I’ve always liked to teach.“

During a break in the filming, Bane also asked Potterfield a few behind the scenes questions like what his favorite firearm was, where his favorite hunting spot is, and what a day in the life of Larry Potterfield is like.  Potterfield also explains why guns and dead animals are a trademark around the MidwayUSA campus.

“Whenever I’m at MidwayUSA I’m always struck by the walls of guns, kind of the history of firearms racked along the walls of the GunTec studio and all the animals around the offices,” said Bane.  “One thing that sets MidwayUSA apart is when you walk through this huge, sprawling facility, there’s lots of animal heads on the walls, it’s almost like an archeological dig on Larry and Brenda’s hunting life.”   Arguably, Larry Potterfield has the best job in America.”

To view all the behind the scenes footage taken from Outdoor Channel’s visit, be sure to check out MidwayUSA’s NEW Video Library.

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