GoFISHn (www.gofishn.com) has released “The Year in Fishing,” a digital magazine that presents the best stories, photography and video from GoFISHn.com’s thousands of members in the past year (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/year-in-fishing/id503835280?ls=1&mt=8).

The magazine is nearly 100 pages rich with fishing sorted into an eclectic mix of sections that feature profiles of great guides, such as New York striper skipper Paul Peluso and Jackson Hole fly guide Scott Smith, as well as round-ups of posts on topics as diverse as records, noodling, danger, celebrity, invasive species, trade shows, crime and much more. It also features promotions for some of the great conservation organizations in the fishing world: B.A.S.S., Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Keep America Fishing, TakeMeFishing.org and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

“What we’ve discovered in the past two years at GoFISHN.com is the stunning range of really interesting activity in the fishing world, much of which goes little notice,” says Ned Desmond, President and Founder of GoFISHn.com. “Records are broken almost every day. Celebrities are out on the water. Scientists bring forth amazing discoveries. Bad behavior or bad luck leaves anglers injured or even dead. Criminal activity is bizarrely commonplace.

“On GoFISHn.com, we capture all that every day, and in our new GoFISHn digital magazine, we sorted through more than ten thousand posts to provide readers with an irresistible re-cap of the best stories, images and video. Anglers everywhere will love this. Even folks who never took up a rod will find it fascinating.”

GoFISHn’s “The Year in Fishing” digital magazine is available in the iTunes store for download to the iPad. The preview edition is free; the full edition is $4.99.

If your company would like to be included in “The Year in Fishing,” contact Ned Desmond, ned@gofishn.com, for advertising opportunities.

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