Perhaps you’re the hunter who dreams of having the perfect food plot planted in every season, but you’re just not sure what or when to plant. The folks at Wildwood Genetics know that if you’re not a bona fide farmer or gifted with a green thumb, your good intentions may never become reality without a little guidance or professional input. Wildwood Genetics is determined to make your goals attainable and are willing to go the extra mile to not only provide you with excellent products to plant, but also give you a detailed calendar to follow. For info on the product, the planting date and the planting rate according to the species suited to your property, check out

Clover, millet, oats, peas, rape, rye, soybean, sunflower and super plot…you name it, and Wildwood will tell you when and where to plant it. If you are a turkey hunter, then ’tis the season!’ Planting season that is. From May to early summer are optimal times for you to throw out clover, peas and sunflowers. If you’re itching to plant as soon as possible, consider planting soybeans beginning in mid April. All of these favorites provide a habitat and food source that is attractive to various wildlife species. So whatever your hunting heart desires to pursue, Wildwood Genetics has a product-planting plan that is conducive to helping that specific species and others flourish. Once you get the hang of what goes where when, you may just want to keep the Wildwood Genetics calendar as a checklist or reminder of how many more days until hunting season. Start your own field of dreams with the professional guidance available in the Wildwood Genetics calendar.

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