It seems fair that the man who has a passion for hunting moose should be blessed to have come from the land where the big game roam. Réal Langlois, host and producer of The Rack Man, is based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. For over 15 years, he has shared his knowledge of moose hunting through his videos, which has also made him one of the best hunting filmmakers in North America. Some might recognize and know him best for the record-setting moose shot that was captured on camera.


Langlois has his own production house, Rack Man Films, which produces video after video of quality hunting footage. And while his shining achievement is getting a bull from 10 feet (possibly 8), in an interview with Draves Archery, Langlois said most of his videos feature him getting within close range to his game. As an expert hunter, who is passionate about the sport, I don’t doubt he gets close.

But when he’s not hunting, Langlois is filming the breathtaking scenery from his many trips, like this recent one from the Yukon.


Photo: Lee Coursey

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