A never-before-seen exhibition is coming to the Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom on April 6th and will be open until September 16th. The exhibition, titled Animal Inside Out, strips away the flesh of numerous animals ranging from small frogs to giant elephants to show the inner workings of each animal’s anatomy.

The animals have been preserved through a technological process called “plastination” where the water in body tissues has been swapped with a polymer (usually silicon) which preserves and solidifies the animals, turning the matter to plastic. The exhibition mirrors Gunther von Hagens’s popular Body Worlds exhibition or the unaffiliated Bodies: The Exhibition in the United States where human bodies were dissected, muscles split, organs removed and preserved and put on display in various contortions.

The exhibition is designed to show the different systems that keep animals alive and to focus upon the intricate insides of these animals to discover their comparative anatomy and biology.

Highlights of the exhibition are the red shark, leaping animals and slices of a giraffe. The video from Dailymotion below showcases some of the animals on display.

Photo: Vibin JK (Vibin, flickr)

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One thought on “Animal Muscles, Nerves, Organs Revealed in UK’s Natural History Museum Exhibition

  1. There is so much to learn and so little time! It is ironic that we don’t understand our own world, however, we are preparing to go to others.

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