Sundog Eyewear is proud to once again sponsor the World Fishing Network’s weekly show, Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk.

The second season of the popular show airs on WFN every Thursday night at 7:30 pm ET, giving viewers a new understanding of what fishing for a living is all about as Mark Melnyk tackles the toughest, messiest, and most outrageous jobs in commercial fishing, conservation, and recreational fishing.

“This season of Reel Fishy Jobs is even better than last year. We managed to catch some unbelievably spectacular fish while experiencing the good, bad, and ugly occupations the fishing industry has to offer,” said Melnyk. “To have Sundog Eyewear on board, literally, has made a huge difference in our on-water performance as TV producers and anglers!”

On and off the water, Melnyk wears his Mark Melnyk Signature Series by Sundog Eyewear. Fishing’s ultimate performance eyewear Mark Melnyk Signature Series brings together, for the first-time ever, state-of-the-art Mela-Lens, Photochromic, and Polarized technologies.

You can view the Sundog Eyewear first commercial for the second season of Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk below:


“Whether I am taping my Show or out on the water socially, the glare, reflection and intensity from the sun have caused me vision fatigue and headaches for many years,” Melnyk said. “I have never seen anything like the Mela-Lens technology in my Signature Series by Sundog Eyewear. But the most important thing for me is that I can be outside all day and not get fatigued at all; if you love fishing as much as I do, you’ll love Sundog Eyewear.”

“Mela” is an abbreviation for Melanin, a naturally produced pigment that acts as a sunscreen protecting the skin and eyes from High Energy Visible light or “blue” light. Exclusive to Sundog Eyewear, Mela-Lens utilizes synthetic melanin to filter blue light and block ultra-violet light for the ultimate in protection and performance. The benefits are enhanced definition, superior clarity, and minimal visual fatigue.

The combination of Sundog Eyewear’s state-of-the-art Mela-Lens, Photochromic, and Polarized technologies raises the standard for a great fishing sunglass.

“These are the first sunglasses that I have ever worn that I forgot I am wearing them,” said Melnyk. “When I’m wearing my Signature Series Sundogs, I feel that it’s how my eyes are supposed to work.”

Mark Melnyk Signature Series is available in three models – Phantom, 22 Degrees, and Halo – with a choice of Mela-Lens Polarized, Mela-Lens Polarized Photochromic, or Mela-Lens Polarized Photochromic with Clari-Coat, Sundog Eyewear’s superior lens coatings that provide hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (oil repellant) properties.

To view the 2012 Mark Melnyk Signature Series by Sundog Eyewear visit

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