Trophy Bag Kooler is excited to announce it will be sponsoring the first season of Antler Insanity, which premiers on the Sportsman Channel beginning June 25th, 2012.

Trophy Bag Kooler’s patented approach to cooling and preserving harvested meat , which is accomplished by using KoolerGel, is second to none. This scientifically developed method helps keep moisture to a minimum, and by reducing the temperature to below 40°, the growth of bacteria is slowed which helps hunters preserve their harvest.  Trophy Bag Kooler is also the maker of the ComboKooler, which is the cleaner, neater solution for transporting hot or cold items.  It is perfect for tailgating, parties, picnics, and camping.  Easy to transport, easy to store, and easy to clean.

Tune in to Antler Insanity beginning this June to learn more about the Trophy Bag Kooler line of products.  Keep up to date on the latest news and images of the Trophy Bag Kooler by following us on Facebook at

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