If you’ve spent any time on your whitetail hunting property lately, you’ve probably noticed two events taking place: the does are beginning to show off distended bellies, and the bucks have started displaying some growths of their own. With pregnancies and antler growth progressing, there’s no time of the year when it’s more important to IGNITE your herd health with Rack One’s XCellerator mineral and Overload nutritional supplements. It’s a one-two punch to amp up your herd’s overall wellbeing.

Antler growing and fawning seasons run concurrently, and this is when whitetails begin foraging on new green foliage, their bodies are taking in every single vitamin, mineral and nutrient available. XCellerator’s recipe provides all the vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins in scientifically engineered proportions to grow bigger deer and massive antlers. With the high nutritional needs of whitetails, the new foliage of spring can come up lacking, so Overload’s protein, fat and fiber supplements those nutritional needs, especially maintaining doe health through the final stages of pregnancy through lactation and fawn rearing.

Xcellerator regulates many different aspects of the inner workings of the deer’s system. While most whitetail deer can find many of the vitamins and nutrients that they need in their natural surroundings, that doesn’t mean that they can find them in the quantities that their bodies require to maintain optimum health. Most plants that a deer forages on during the spring and summer months do not contain sufficient levels of sodium. Sodium is a necessary nutrient in whitetails, as it helps to regulate their blood pressure and the amount of fluid that their body is able to retain during the heat of summer.

Xcellerator boasts a sodium base of approximately 50 percent of the total content. This high concentration of sodium acts as a conduit through which other minerals can be introduced to their systems. Every whitetail that spends time devouring an Xcellerator pit to get the sodium that they require is also ingesting a very wide range of other extremely beneficial minerals at the same time.

But minerals, nutrients and vitamins alone will not return your herd to peak condition. Overload’s 20 percent protein, 3 percent fat and 14 percent fiber content help pack the weight back on that was lost during the winter months. Regaining weight that has been lost during the rut is a crucial aspect of how long a buck’s antler-growing season will be. This time is critically important to put mass on his body, so his body can focus on antler growth.

Overload is equally important to does. It will help to sustain their pregnancies through birth, and it will maintain an optimal level of health through the first few months of their fawns’ lives, when the fawns are completely reliant upon their mothers to survive. Eating every three to four hours for weeks on end, nursing fawns can in fact, drain the life out of a doe—and that’s especially true if there are twins. Consuming Overload during this time gives does the proper nutrition to support fawns throughout the fawning season into the summer, when fawns will begin to wean off the does and browse for natural forage.

XCellerator is a water-soluble powder that can be poured directly onto the ground, and it will work into the soil to create an established mineral pit in a very short time. Overload is a premium deer pellet that can be fed in gravity feeders, trough-style feeders, or spin-cast feeders.

After continued use of XCellerator and Overload supplements throughout this important time of growth, your deer would probably thank you if they could, but you’ll thank yourself this coming hunting season when all you’ll see are healthy fawns, big-bodied deer and giant racks.

Now is the time to turn your deer herd on to the amazing rack-growing power and exceptional nutritional value of Rack One’s Xcellerator and Overload. The suggested retail price of the 5-pound bag of Xcellerator is $15.99, and the 25-pound bag of Overload is $29.99. Buy them online at www.huntrack1.com, or ask for them by name at your local sporting goods store.

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