Sleep well knowing the geeks have your back with their wicked smart and easy to use mobile app – Hunter’s Vault. Never again wonder where your list of firearm serial numbers are stored or what would happen to your valuable stash of hunting & shooting gear if you were the victim of theft or disaster. With Hunter’s Vault, you’ll have an easy-to-use, quick reference and database to help you in recovering and replacing your gear.

Hunter’s Vault allows you to Inventory not only your guns, but your treestands, bows, optics and other valuable outdoor equipment.

Hunter’s Vault helps you keep your inventory of hunting goodies on your mobile device for quick reference or even a little bragging. It even serves a “grown-up” purpose by allowing you to email yourself a pdf document with the details of every item in your vault which you can quickly lock-up for safe-keeping or turn over to your insurance guru.

Easily lock-out prying eyes and set your own custom PIN code, allowing only authorized users to enter your treasure-trove of outdoor gear.

Hunter’s Vault’s summary screen shows a quick snapshot of your vault statistics, number of items in each category, total items, values per category and overall total value of your vault. Attach photos to each item to have records of special engraving, custom features and a good visual for each item.

Hunter’s Vault Features:

  • Keep track of items using several predefined categories and sub-categories
  • Store multiple photos for each item from your camera or photo library
  • Track all of your inventory at a glance with a summarized view
  • Password protected launch screen to help hide your stash from prying eyes.
  • Flag items for show in photo gallery to highlight special pieces to your friends
  • Generate a PDF report of your inventory and have it emailed directly to you

A point of pride is that the apps are inexpensive and so easy to use even technophobes get it right away, says Hughes.

And a pro hunter would be crazy not to use the apps from– The guys that turned iPhones into deadly range finders (complete with shot-drop compensation!) have been growing their stable of apps specifically for sportsmen and women, most of which can be downloaded in seconds from the iTunes store (and work with iPad and iPod as well) or Google Play Android Market.

Check Out Hunt Geek iPhone/iPod/iPad Apps:

Hunt Geek Apps for Droid on Google Play:

Join the nerd army that’s conquering the world, one mobile device at a time! You may never strive to become a geek intentionally, but you’d be crazy not to hunt like one.

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