FMG Publications announces the release of two new Thunder Ranch Training Series DVDs: Advanced Handgun Defense and Advanced Tactics.

Filmed on location at Thunder Ranch in Oregon, Advanced Handgun Defense and Advanced Tactics are hosted by firearms training expert and Thunder Ranch director Clint Smith.

“It isn’t all about gunfire. The physical manipulations are where people get in trouble, and they injure themselves either in training or in the real world,” says Smith. The Advanced Handgun Defense training DVD aims to teach viewers these vital skills before they need them.

Topics covered include: Dealing with Multiple Threats; Lateral Movement and Pivots; Handgun Retention; One-Handed Operation; Pistol Malfunction Cures; Effective Use of Structures; and Fighting From the Ground.

FMG’s most recent release — Advanced Tactics — offers in-depth tactical training.

“In this series, we show you the transition from a handgun to a long gun so you can see the pistol, then you can see the same problem solved with the long gun. We also include the flashlight, and show you how to combine the tactics and the lights together,” Smith says.

Topics covered include: Tactical Leans; Handgun and Long Gun Clearing Techniques; Logical Speed; Maintaining Escape Routes; Working with Lights; and Multiple Lights and Threats.

“When someone breaks into your home, or you’re required to go into something tactically, that’s a bad time to acquire these skills,” Smith says.

The training methods included on each video training course offer viewers over an hour of range demonstration and instruction. Each title is packaged and sold separately. To see a preview for each DVD and to order the Advanced Handgun Defense and Advanced Tactics training DVDs, visit

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