Boat control. It’s locking down vertically on an isolated pod of walleyes in whitecaps. It’s backtrolling a snaky breakline with the precision of laser robotics. It’s slipping current to give your partner on the front casting platform premium access to smallmouths on the bank. Frankly, it’s what separates the pros from the posers.

LUND’s Pro Guide provides the superstructure to earn admiral rank in boat control. Engineered with input from LUND’s stable of professional fishing guides – like Tony Roach and Tom Neustrom – the premium tiller boat is also rich in features. Its electronic command center and aft livewell are always inside comfortable reach of the boat operator, while a second livewell opens its lid to anglers up front. Rod and gear storage is generous. Moreover, the intelligent layout yields abundant room to roam.

So drift, backtroll, anchor safely and bust a wave or two on big water. The LUND Pro Guide puts the power and control in your hands.

Watch the rig in action while Tony Roach narrates.


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