Losing items or spending hours looking for them is never fun.  Cobra Electronics’ Cobra Tag eliminates those activities by giving users an effortless way to keep track of valuables.

The Cobra Tag is easy to use.  A Cobra Tag sensor is attached to a user’s keys, purse, computer bag or any other item that needs to be protected from loss.  It’s then paired to a smartphone using Bluetooth wireless technology.  The sensor communicates with the owner’s phone via the free Cobra Tag app and will remind them if they leave a valuable behind.

The Cobra Tag also serves as a 2-way finder.  By tapping a button on the Cobra Tag, users can ring their smartphone. Likewise, when looking for a Cobra Tag protected item, they can use the phone app to make the Cobra Tag ring.

In addition, the Cobra Tag app can send users an email, tweet or post that the phone or item has been separated.  It can also send a map of the item’s last known location.  The Cobra Tag works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

The Cobra Tag has a retail price of $59.95.

Image courtesy of Martin Flory Group

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