In-Range Supplies, manufacturers of live fire shooting products for the military and law enforcement communities, introduces their Portable Encapsulator to the consumer market.

Initially developed for the US Marine Corps to use in live fire shoot house training, the Portable Encapsulator bullet trap has set the standard for ballistic capabilities. Since its introduction, the product has quickly gained acceptance among law enforcement, commercial gun ranges, and the consumer market.

The Portable Encapsulator bullet trap consists of 5 stacked blocks of patented Dura-Bloc ballistic rubber which captures rounds virtually intact. It can safely capture rounds with a minimum velocity of 600 FPS and up to a maximum caliber of .308/7.62mm. The Dura-Bloc shooting surface measures 24ʺ w x 45 ʺ h and allows for safe target shooting without concern of ricochet, backsplatter and airborne lead particles. Each of the 5 Dura-Bloc units has been rated to accommodate up to 5,000 rounds of 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) and can be rotated to extend the life of the unit.

The Portable Encapsulator body is manufactured from 3/8ʺ AR 500 steel to ensure complete ballistic integrity. The Portable Encapsulator is a robust unit, weighing 736 lbs., and incorporates heavy-duty casters and handles on the stand for ease of movement. The entire unit retails for $1599 MSRP and replacement Dura-Bloc are $79.00 each.

Established in 2005, In-Range Supplies provides portable bullet traps, steel targets, gun-clearing devices, forcible entry training tools, and a wide-range of paper targets including bulls-eye, situational and game targets. In-Range Supplies is also the exclusive supplier of Range Systems Encapsulator™ bullet encapsulation system and ballistic rubber products.

For more information on the complete line of In-Range Supplies products, please visit or contact Tonie Kruse, Marketing Director at 1-877-423-1785

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