Gun Digest Books has published the Complete Guide to Three-Gun Competition to satisfy the growing popularity of the hot, young sportAuthored by Chad Adams, the 256-page comprehensive look (ISBN 9781440228674) at the unique world is available now at (product number W6535) and as an e-book through all major e-book vendors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Three-gun competition has caught the attention of shooting-sports enthusiasts everywhere and television programming has been dedicated to the phenomenon.  The Complete Guide to Three-Gun Competition goes beyond what viewers have experienced on television and covers all the bases of the sport with information relevant to both amateurs and professionals.

Adams, the former managing editor of American Rifleman Magazine and vice president of the National 3-Gun Association, provides readers with hundreds of detailed, full-color photos of the guns and gear featured in competition as well as the official rules and tips on winning.

Adams also delves into the history behind the sport of three gun and the best guns and accessories needed to succeed in competition.

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