Everyone just gets 24 hours in a day, so being highly efficient and well organized is important to maximize your ice fishing enjoyment. Clam has four new products that will help keep your gear right where it is supposed to be: safe, dry and accessible.

Clam’s Sled Cargo Nets are sure to be everyone’s favorite new item this year, and not just for portable shelters, either. Sled Cargo Nets are also perfect for wheelhouses. Everyone will want to get their gear up off the floor and within easy reach on the walls. Much less damage to expensive items when safely tucked into a Cargo Net, and what you need will always be right where it’s supposed to be when you reach for it. As an after-market organizing option, the Sled Cargo Net will find uses year-round, even in fishing boats.

Small Jig Boxes have always been a favorite of Clam Ice Anglers, and now an improved medium and large size is available, too. New adjustable compartments allow customization of what goes where, and a silicone tubing seal makes it waterproof. The medium size has 16 trays, the large 24 trays to store jigs, spoons, plastics and other large baits. The tough plastic will withstand the rigors of winter outdoor elements.

Shedding your parka has always left the challenge of where to keep it clean and dry. Now, with Clam’s Hub Shelter Coat Hooks, you will have the perfect place to keep your parka off the ice. Sold as a four-pack, the zinc-coated steel hooks fit snugly in the pole pockets on the roof panel corners. Works well with any hub shelter on the market, and you will find these clever coat hooks a must-have accessory for hunting blinds, too.

Tired of your auger bouncing around the bottom of your sled when traveling from site to site? Add the Auger Bracket to your ATV and instantly—problem solved. This handy dandy bracket mounts on the rack of an ATV and fits all brands of ice augers. In addition, the bracket will not damage your auger; it is made of solid steel with PVC-dipped forks for protection. The Auger Bracket comes with all the needed hardware to mount to your ATV. Get your auger up and riding in style.

“These accessories seem like small things at first, but added together they make a huge difference in being organized and taking care of your stuff while you’re out on the ice,” shared Jim Hudson of Bayfield, Wisconsin and Clam pro staffer. “It’s all about customizing our ATVs and shelters to our own liking, making it our home on the ice.” Hudson guides on Lake Superior and other nearby waters. He’s hardcore and wants his gear just where he wants it, so it is easy to find and efficient. “That means catching more fish to me. I like to get my stuff up off the ice, and when it’s toasty warm in these shelters, my coat is coming off. Some of these things are simple, but sometimes simple things can make a big difference.”

Known as the industry leader in ice fishing products, Clam is number one in shelters and accessories to the ice fishing community and provides quality cold-weather gear with the IceArmor brand. For more information on Clam Outdoors go to http://clamoutdoors.com or contact Nick Chiodo at Clam Outdoors at 763-231-4138 or email nchiodo@clamcorp.com.

Images courtesy Clam Outdoors

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