As they continue to grow and expand their outreach, Student of the Gun has both simplified and expanded their official SOTG Gear Store.  Just added to the lineup is as purpose designed SOTG paper target that is perfect for both basic marksmanship and advanced tactical training.  The new targets are offered in (10) packs exclusively from Student of the Gun Gear.

Whether you shoot a rifle or a pistol, all shooters will at sometime need something upon which to rest their arms or gun.  Sandbags are heavy and bipods can be cumbersome.   The Shooter’s Redi-Rest is offered as alternative to sandbags or bipods.  The cylindrical nylon covered rest is filled with a soft but firm foam material to support even a heavy bolt-action rifle.  Weighing less than two pounds, with a convenient carry strap, the Redi-Rest can be easily taken to the range or field.  Again, the Redi-Rest is available directly by going to

All of the new episodes of Student of the Gun will be available for instant viewing by simply going to  “During the first two seasons we were constantly asked if our shows were available online. For SOTG 3.0 we will be putting each and every one of the 26 new episodes online for all to see.” said Paul Markel host and producer.  “The feature episode for each week will be up for viewing each Tuesday evening.”

Images courtesy of Paul Markel

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