Jason Bruce and Co. Face Daunting Terrain in Mexico Sun

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue and these words are never more true when Jason Bruce and his team from Headhunter Chronicles hunt for Mexican desert sheep on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for the American Sportsman. Desert sheep live in rugged terrain and they are not an easy species to hunt. In order to get into position to hunt these special animals, the team travels one hour by vehicle and three hours by mule. After days of spotting and stalking with bow and rifle, Bruce and his guides find and secure the ram he’s been seeking. Don’t miss this monumental test of endurance on Saturday, November 3 at 11 a.m. ET.

The first few days of hunting the rugged terrain in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula is anything but easy. Bruce and his guides are spotting sheep, however; the animals are either too small or out of bow range. While getting little to no sleep in the bush the night before, the men decide to drive into town for some fresh food before they resume hunting. Because of the dwindling hours remaining in the hunt, Bruce decides to switch out his bow for a rifle. After glassing the mountain side, a huge sheep reveals itself and Bruce does the rest.

“Finally, on the second to last day I am able to spot a ram and make a perfect hit,” said Jason Bruce, host of Headhunter Chronicles. “It’s my twelfth sheep and it’s my Grand Slam Ram. The ram weighs around 160 pounds and I am very proud and grateful to the guides that helped me on this difficult hunt. I’ve been on many challenging hunts in my life, but this one ranks as one of the toughest in my books.”

Headhunter Chronicles is a television series focused on the pursuit of all huntable animals worldwide by renowned big game hunter, Jason Bruce. Fueled by his passion for the hunt, Jason has taken more than 160 species worldwide and holds seven SCI Archery World Records and 11 SCI records for Top 10 Animals. These unique and exciting record setting hunts will be documented for the world to see in upcoming episodes of Headhunter Chronicles. Conducting numerous first ever exploratory hunts and going to never before seen locations, the series educates the viewer on the entire hunting experience bringing integrity and respect to the species, outfitter, habitat, and culture of each destination visited.

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Image courtesy Sportsman Channel

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