Stryker Crossbows, the premium choice for serious crossbow shooters, has created a new finish for its popular StrykeZone series. Both the StrykeZone 350 and StrykeZone 380 will be available in Black Ops beginning this fall.

“The StrykeZone 350 and 380 and have been tremendously popular among crossbow shooters, and they have performed exceptionally well in the field,” said Stryker Crossbows Director of Marketing Samuel Coalson. “Hunters and other crossbow enthusiasts have been asking for an all-black version, so we are listening to our consumers and filling this void in the market.”

The StrykeZone crossbows utilize an impressive blend of cutting-edge technologies to produce reliable, lightweight power in any condition. The crossbows also feature the Kill Switch Trigger that ensures the only ultra-light trigger pull and clean release among crossbow manufacturers today.

Both crossbows have precision-engineered cams with a 19 3/16” axle-to axle measurement and 15.5” power stroke. The StrykeZone 350 has a draw weight of 135 pounds, while the StrykeZone 380 draws at 160 pounds.

The StrykeZone bows are also the safest on the market today because of two state-of-the-art safety features. The Auto-Flip magnetic safety clicks into place when the bow is not in use, while the Cease-Fire secondary safety plug immobilizes the trigger and locks the jaws until the bow is ready to shoot.

The StrykeZone crossbows are available in the new BlackOps finish or Mossy Oak Treestand. The StrykeZone 350 has a suggested retail price of $649, while the StrykeZone 380 sells for $749. For more information, visit


  • Precision engineered cams
  • Octane string and cables
  • STRYKER molded stock and aluminum
  • barrel
  • KillSwitch trigger
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • Auto-Flip magnetic safety
  • Cease-Fire double barred secondary
  • safety

350 Package

  • Five-arrow quick detach quiver
  • Multi-reticle scope
  • Cocking aid
  • Three (3) 385-grain bolts

380 Package

  • Five-arrow quick detach quiver
  • Multi-reticle scope
  • Cocking aid
  • Five (5) 385-grain bolts
  • Carrying sling
  • String stops

Image courtesy Alday Communications/Stryker

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