Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for the American Sportsman, is taking audiences on a memorable journey to the Bayou in Louisiana on Gold Tip’s Name the Game.  The conditions are not favorable for Levi and Samantha Morgan, however, they are not allowing Mother Nature to stand in the way of their quest for an impressive buck in the swamps of Louisiana. Watch Levi and Samantha at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT during Full Draw Friday presented by Can-Am BRP block of high adrenaline bowhunting shows.

It’s early January and the temperatures are unseasonably warm; soaring near the seventy degree mark – not exactly ideal conditions for Levi and Samantha Morgan. The rut is full swing however, and the deer movement during the daylight hours is almost non-existent.  Although the swamps are flooded and the warmer weather is affecting the deer movement, Levi and Samantha’s patience pays off during the evening hours. They begin to discover significant amounts of deer roaming through the brush. After hours of waiting, Levi sees a buck coming his way through the water.

“We were initially focused on a raccoon in the water until I heard a bigger noise and spotted a huge buck,” said Levi Morgan, host of Gold Tip’s Name the Game. “The buck closes in on my stand, sees us and darts off to about 20 yards and stops. I actually had a slight clearing and made a perfect shot with my bow. Darkness had descended but we were able to track the huge Louisiana buck.  Our patience paid off in a monumental way and this is a hunt I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

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