Paul Markel has partnered with Responder Media to offer his book, Student of the Gun in a traditional paperback.  The text is now available in both digital and paper formats. “I suppose I truly became a Student of the Gun when I was about eleven years old.” related Paul author and host of Student of the Gun TV.  “It was at that age my maternal grandfather introduced me to the Daisy BB gun.  Although we lived in the city of Detroit, during the summer we’d take weekend trips to my grandparent’s cabin on Saginaw Bay.  I’d spend nearly every waking moment with that BB gun in my hands.”

“As I grew my interest in firearms expanded and I began to read every book and magazine about guns that I could get my hands on.” Markel continued.  “When I was 19 years old I scraped together enough money to travel to Aspen, Colorado and take a four-day intensive pistol course taught by legendary firearms trainer, John Farnam.  Throughout the years I’ve had the privilege and honor to train with some of the greatest firearms trainers in the world.  One aspect that all the great trainers have is that they never stop learning.  Even after decades in the game the good ones continue to be dedicated students.”

A Student of the Gun is not necessarily a beginner or a novice.  Being a Student of the Gun represents a life’s journey toward education, experience, and enjoyment of the use of firearms. You are a beginner once. You should continue to be a student for life.  This book has something to offer both the new and experienced shooter.

As a Small Arms and Tactics instructor Paul Markel has trained literally thousands of U.S. Military troops, law enforcement officers and citizens young and old.  Let Paul guide you through both basic and advanced topics of gun ownership, training and tactics to include:

  • Understand the Fighting Mindset: Learn what it means to have a fighting or combat mindset.  Get your head in the right place.  Your mindset governs all the choices you make regarding gear, tactics, and training.
  • Make the Most of your Practice Time: Ammunition has never been cheap, but today it is more expensive than ever.  Learn to get the most of out of your investment in time and money.   
  • Clear a Rifle or Pistol Stoppage like a Pro: Learn to operate your semi-automatic rifle and pistol and run them like a professional shooter.
  • Become a Better Coach and Instructor: Take yourself to the next level.  The best instructors are dedicated students.  Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn and grow as a student of the gun.

“Student of the Gun: A beginner once, a student for life.” is available in paperback for immediate purchase from all major online booksellers to include and Barnes and Noble at  Paul hosts Student of the Gun TV and offers live training. Please go to to watch the show on demand and read the latest articles from Paul.

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