Archery is hot, and the TV executives at NBC Sports Network are paying attention. The skill celebrated in films like The Hunger Games and Brave, as well as fan favorite TV shows like Walking Dead, Arrow, Revolution is becoming a competitive reality TV series called “Nock Out,” slated to air on NBC Sports Network in 2013.

NBC’s summer 2012 coverage of Olympic Archery also helped the resurgence of archery’s popularity, and Nock Out is poised to heighten the awareness of this family-friendly competitive sport.

The name “Nock Out” is a play on words, referring to both, the elimination aspect of the show, and to the “nock” in archery terminology; a nock is the part of an arrow that secures it to the bowstring. The competitive reality show pits top archers against each other in team and individual challenges, ultimately determining the best all-around archer. Diverse contestants from varied target archery backgrounds and experience levels–as well as accomplished bow hunters–will compete.

Twelve contestants will be split into three teams of four archers. The archers will compete in Team Challenges, where teammates will have to strategize and work together by utilizing each archer’s particular strengths. Some challenges will focus on speed and accuracy, while others will demand endurance and consistency. The two losing teams will each nominate one archer from their team to compete in the head-to-head “Nock Out Round.” The winner will return to compete in the next episode, while the loser will be sent home.

“NBC Sports Network was chosen as the home for the Nock Out series because they reach the largest audience of outdoor enthusiasts across the nation.” said Executive Producer, Jeffrey Willerth. Nock Out Creator and Producer Robert Hanson agreed. “The NBC Sports Network viewers appreciate the intense human drama only available from the competitive side of archery.” The Nock Out broadcast deal with NBC Sports Network was forged through Careco Multimedia and slated to begin in Q3, 2012.

Logo courtesy National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

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