The 20-gauge shotgun has recently garnered more respect in the world of tactical and field shotguns due to their effectiveness and lighter-weight, lower-recoiling platforms that are suitable for shooters of all statures. Mossberg is expanding its line of 20-gauge offerings with two new Mossberg 500 8-Shot Pump-Actions and two updated Mossberg International SA-20 Autoloaders (6-round total capacity). Lightweight, dependable and effective, these are shotguns that the whole family can use for a variety of applications.

500 8-Shot Pump-Action 20-Gauge Shotguns – Built on the legendary 500 platform that has been used by military, law enforcement and civilians worldwide for over 50 years, these 20 gauge (2 ¾ and 3-inch capability) pump-actions have non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator for smooth, reliable operation. A fixed cylinder bore on the compact 20-inch barrels delivers optimal pattern densities and target acquisition is simplified with the Ghost Ring aperture sights. Exposed metalwork has a non-reflective matte blue finish while stocks and forends, constructed of durable synthetic, feature a matte black finish. Completing these tactical shotguns are 8-shot total round capacity, ambidextrous top-mounted safety and sling swivel studs. For 2013, two new 20 gauges are available – 500 8-Shot Bantam with shortened 13-inch length of pull (54300) and 500 8-Shot with 6-Position Adjustable Stock (54301).

SA-20 Autoloading Shotguns – For further recoil reduction, select the smooth-operating and dependable SA-20 autoloader.  These 2 ¾ and 3-inch capable shotguns have a gas-operating system which vents excess gases to reduce recoil and lessen stress on operating components. The shorter 20-inch barrels have fixed cylinder bores and are topped with a fiber optic winged front sight and Ghost Ring rear sight. Receiver-mounted Picatinny rail provides for the addition of optics and distinctive mag cap tri-rail allows for the attachment of accessories or lights. Matte blue metal finishes; durable black synthetic stock with front and rear sling swivel studs; Easy Load elevator; 6-round total capacity; and cross-bolt safety complete the standard features.  Updated for 2013 are the SA-20 with Full-Length Pistol Grip Stock (75780) and the SA-20 with Standard Synthetic Stock (75778) with new mag cap tri-rails.

The comfort, fit and reliability of these 20-gauge shotguns allow you to have more control without sacrificing performance. Now with multiple 20-gauge models to choose from and a proven family of other 500 and 590® pump-action special purpose shotguns, look no further than Mossberg.

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2 thoughts on “Mossberg and Mossberg International Expand Line of 20 Gauge Shotguns

  1. Nice to the 20 gauge picking up in popularity. It is definitely a very well sized indoor Home Defense weapon for those of less formidable stature and strength. It provides a plenty powerful response; I keep mine loaded with #4 Buck. I have a 500 pump pistol grip only, with a Hogue Tamer Grip added. Shoot it chest high with no body bracing, it is a pleasure to shoot for my 5′ 9″ / 160 lb average build and 50+ age.

  2. Strange. Press release comes out in January. 2 months later Mossberg takes both models – 54300 and 54301 – off their website. They were there last week, today they are both “not found”.

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