Warm Springs Productions is currently in production of a new series, Brad Farris’ Game Plan Presented by Primos, which will debut on Sportsman Channel June 2013. Hosted by recognized hunter and television personality Brad Farris, the series will be an in depth look into the mind of an expert hunter.

“Brad is known as one of the most genuine and hard working hunters in the industry,” said Marc Pierce, Managing Partner of Warm Springs Productions. “Through incredible graphics and cinematography, this series is going to take viewers through the thought process Brad uses when first arriving at a new hunting spot and needing to diagnose what the game is doing. This is truly a series for hardcore hunter.”

Brad Farris’ Game Plan will let viewers delve into the hunting tips and tricks of one of the top hunters in the land.  Each episode, Farris will head to a different destination where he’ll scout the animals, learn their patterns, and develop a game plan for success.

Throughout the series, Farris will cover everything from the management of the land to the best tips to bring in the game while racing against the clock to get an animal on the ground before his trip comes to then end.

“A good strategy is a key element of a successful hunt,” added Brad Farris.  “I look forward to being able to show my strategies to other diehard hunters like myself.  This series will bring viewers closer to the action than they’ve ever been before.”

Through groundbreaking, never before seen on outdoor TV graphics, viewers will get a glimpse into the mind of one of America’s most accomplished hunters as he describes in detail what he’s learning and why he’s making the decision he is.

“When Brad approached us with the concept for this show, we knew it would play to his strengths,” said Mike Powell, VP of Marketing for Primos. “Brad knows how to break down a piece of land to get on game quickly. He will be great at teaching others how to put together their own Game Plan, so they can be more successful on their hunts.”

The crew at Warm Springs Productions has more than 30 years of combined experience hosting, filming and producing hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure television. And since its founding in 2008, the company has grown and expanded to produce series for Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Travel Channel, History, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, National Geographic Wild and more.

Image courtesy Warm Springs Productions

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