It’s “Pig-O-Rama” on this week’s Revolution and Jim and Trav are ready to tackle these invasive species. So tune in for coverage of current feral hog statistics, their annual damage, different methods for harvesting them and even how to capture and trade these bad dudes in for cash. This is what the boy’s have slated for this week’s Rev. Tune in!

Drop Zone TV – Hal Shaffer

They are considered an invasive species and the damage they cause is tremendous, but feral hogs provide plenty of sport too. Hal Shaffer co-host of Drop Zone TV on Outdoor Channel calls in to talk with the boys this week about hunting wild hogs for sport. He’ll talk about different ways to hunt them and fill us in on his new show Drop Zone TV. Tune in to The Revolution this week to find out more!

Hog Trapping – Billy Higginbotham

Effectively managing feral hog populations can be difficult. Billy Higginbotham, a Wildlife & Fisheries Specialist with Texas AgriLife Extension Service, talks with Jim and Trav about using trapping as a management tool. He dishes some great advice on how to set up an effective trap, how to build a trap to hold a large number of hogs and more.

Razorback Outfitters

Ed McCormick is the founder of Razorback Outfitters. He talks with Jim and Trav about the different hog hunting opportunities that Razorback Outfitters has available to their customers and the different methods of harvesting wild hogs.

Jared Timmons

Jared Timmons with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension joins Jim and Trav to talk about Feral Hog Approved Holding Facilities to provide landowners a place to sell hogs to hopefully offset some of the cost of the damage they cause. Tune in to for more this week!

Image courtesy The Revolution with Jim and Trav

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