TRUGLO, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced line of sights and accessories for archery and firearms is pleased to introduce their first arrow rest, the CARBON XS.

The CARBON XS ARROW REST is a full-containment, fast, quiet release that offers quick and easy installation with no bow press required! The ultra-light, carbon-composite containment ring has piston-actuated launcher arms for increased accuracy and improved arrow flight with optimal vane clearance. The CARBON XS ARROW REST has full windage and elevation adjustments with easily read laser engraved reference marks. It has CNC-machined aluminum mounting brackets that fit left or right-handed bows. The CARBON XS ARROW REST can be used with most carbon and aluminum arrows.

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Image courtesy TRUGLO

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One thought on “TRUGLO Carbon XS Full-Containment Arrowrest

  1. I purchased this arrow rest and hated it. There is a fuzzy layer where you lay the arrow and it started falling off on the first 20 arrows. Even though it says that it has full clearance it hits my vane every time and throws it off target save your money!!!

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