This week on the AR-15 Podcast Reed Snyder and Jake Challand talk about AR-15 furniture including butt-stocks, grips and handguards.  Several butt-stock brands and designs are brought up for various applications.  They discuss different pistol grips including brands like MagPul, Hogue, Ergo, and Tango Down.  Then they move onto the vast selection of hand-guards available on the market.  They speculate on the design potential of the fore ends and the future of AR-15 furniture design.

In addition to discussing AR-15 furniture Reed & Challand share the new Gun Disassembly 2 App available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and PC.  This app allows users to take 64 different guns apart in an exploded high definition 3D view and has great labels for all the parts.  They also address some listener feedback and you can send your questions to  Listen to the entire episode here at subscribe to the show on iTunes.

Image courtesy Jake Challand

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