offers hunters, tradesmen, military, chefs – anyone who counts on a high-quality knife – a one-stop online source for premium cutlery. Unlike many online knife sites, KnivesShipFree stocks thousands of SKUs from more than 30 different knife makers.

“KnivesShipFree is different from most knife websites,” said company president Derrick Bohn. “Every knife we carry is in stock, or on its way to us, and will ship out promptly. Many online knife sellers don’t stock the items they advertise, and have them drop-shipped to the consumer from the manufacturer.”

And as their name says, KnivesShipFree will ship knives anywhere in the 50 United States with no shipping charge.

In addition to KnivesShipFree, Bohn and his family also operate Northwoods Knives – their own line of knives, and also the name of their new retail knife store in Hillsboro, Oregon. Bohn and his wife Wendy have been selling knives and other tools online since 1999.

Northwoods Knives has recently added kitchen cutlery to their product line. “Although kitchen knives are the most used knives in the world, they have missed some of the great innovations we have seen in the sporting cutlery world,” Bohn said.” We wanted to bring those innovations to the world of kitchen cutlery. And to have them made in the USA.”

In addition to Northwoods Knives, KnivesShipFree offers a number of other American-made knives, including Bear & Son, Benchmade and Bark River. KnivesShipFree is the largest Bark River Knife dealer in the world.

To order, go to You will also find photos, specs and details on every knife, plus an instructional video on sharpening knives.

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