Already a mainstay in the hands of casual shooters and law enforcement officers alike, the Ruger Mini-14 broadened its appeal further with the recent introduction of a new Tactical Model. The April issue of GUNS Magazine takes an extensive look at this sophisticated-looking, yet incredibly dependable variant of the Mini-14.

Equipped with a seven-inch top rail, side rails, and a six-position stock capable of folding forward, the new Mini-14 builds on its reputation of reliable function, inviting praise from GUNS Field Editor Mike Cumpston.

“Many shooters will find the Ruger carbine an attractive alternative to the AR and AK-based tactical carbines,” Cumpston predicts. “The Mini-14 balances just ahead of the magazine, giving the seven-plus-pound carbine a desirable muzzle heaviness that makes it fast on target and lends steadiness for quick off-hand shots.”

In “Fact Or Enduring Myth?” GUNS Field Editor John Barsness examines the never-ending debate surrounding the topic of the best all-around cartridge for big game in North America. Fueled by Internet forums, the debate continues to elicit passionate responses from hunters everywhere. Barsness invites readers to weigh-in on this topic by visiting

Additional features in this issue of GUNS include a look at the compact pocket power of the Springfield Armory XD-S .45 ACP, how the tradition of quality American lever-action rifles endures in the form of the Model 89 from Big Horn Armory and a special focus on surplus firearms such as the M1 and M1A1.

The stylish, yet accurate KRISS Vector CRB in .45 ACP highlights the April Gun of the Month Giveaway. Valued at over $2,100, this prize bundle also includes the Charge AL from Leatherman, the 75-lumen LED Lenser P3 AFS P Flashlight and a tactical cleaning kit from SEAL 1. Readers can enter for a free chance to win this giveaway at

Every issue of GUNS Magazine consists of exclusive online-only content, and the April issue is no exception. Additional online features include a review of four hard-hitting Barrett .50 BMGs, an exclusive Online Manufacturers Product Index, and a collection of free all-digital editions. To sign up for a free digital subscription to GUNS, visit

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