Champion Shooter New Color Commentator/Expert Analyst for 3-Gun Nation Television

3-Gun Nation reached an agreement with champion 3-gunner Patrick E. Kelley recently that will make Kelley the new color commentator/expert analyst for 3GN Television. Kelley will join 3GN vice president Chad Adams in the studio for a two-man sports commentary team in 3GN’s new hour-long “look-live” format aimed at delivering a wider range of coverage and detailed description and insight behind the minutia of the game.

“We are extremely excited to have Pat join the 3-Gun Nation team,” said 3GN President Pete Brown. “His wealth of knowledge, his extreme level of expertise on the shooting sports, and his larger-than-life, outstanding personality will combine to deliver an understanding of the game we’ve yet to be able to provide. In this new format, Pat will shine, and the viewer will have a much better appreciation for the sport of 3-gun.”

Few shooting pros could bring the range and depth of shooting experience to the broadcast booth as does Kelley. For decades, Kelley has competed at a high level in sporting clays, Bullseye, high power and IPSC pistol. But it is in the sport of 3-gun where he has been downright dominant, where he racked up a six-year undefeated run in Heavy Metal matches across the country, earning the moniker of “King of Heavy Metal.”

In last year’s debut season of the 3GN Pro Series, Kelley made a strong switch over to Tactical Optics gear and finished 12th overall, including top-10 finishes at the 3GN Pro Series match in Florida and at Texas MultiGun. In 3GN-produced matches, along with a wickedly fast trigger finger, Kelley showed a knack for breaking down the complex, multi-choice stage designs that are the foundation to the 3GN stage design format.

While traditional sports coverage is full of examples of retired athletes transitioning to the broadcast booth to provide analysis of football, baseball or basketball games, Kelley is still clearly at the top of his game. Deciding to pass up the opportunity to shoot for 3GN cash and against the most elite field in all of 3-gun was difficult.

“My decision to leave the 3-Gun Nation Pro Tour and take up a position next to my friend Chad Adams was not an easy one,” Kelley said. “Ultimately it came down to where I could do most good in bringing the sport of 3-Gun competition to the American viewing public. My passion for 3-Gun is only exceeded by my desire to promote it. To that end I am proud to be a part of the team that will be bringing to you the most dynamic, fastest-growing shooting sport on television: 3-Gun Nation!”

To enhance his color commentary in the studio, Kelley will break down and shoot each 3GN Pro Series stage, all filmed by 3GN cameras. Kelley will also host a new 3GN product segment, sponsored in full by Cheaper Than Dirt!, where he covers new guns, optics, ammo and gear for the sport of 3-gun.

Image courtesy 3 Gun Nation

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