On January 24th, 2013, Honey Lake Plantation Resort and Spa received the coveted Hunting Lodge of the Year award from Chuck Wechsler and Brian Raley of Sporting Classics magazine.

The Hunting Lodge category is part of Sporting Classics magazine’s annual Awards of Excellence which salutes companies and individuals whose products and services have a decided impact on their readers’ lives. 2013 marks the 13th anniversary of the series, which has also recognized a wide variety of distinguished manufacturers, venues, foundations, and conservation agencies.

According to Editor Chuck Wechsler, “the Awards of Excellence program recognizes the year’s leaders in a wide variety of categories. Nominees are submitted by our Senior and Contributing Editors and then finalized by the Sporting Classics staff. Every year, honorees are chosen for their achievements in defining what a great sporting product should be. Their craftsmanship, engineering, and innovations have set standards higher than before. Honey Lake Plantation is a relatively new-comer to the industry and already they have made contributions to the sporting venue classification that raise the bar just a little bit higher.”

Bob Williamson, Honey Lake Plantation’s owner and founder couldn’t be happier. “There are a tremendous number of outstanding sporting properties spread throughout our country, and I am honored to have been selected by Sporting Classics magazine as their top pick. Sporting Classics has been an industry leader for decades, which means that their endorsement of Honey Lake Plantation is significant in every way. We are delighted to have such a strong working relationship with them.”

Image courtesy Honey Lake Plantation

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