The new LG7 lightweight utility cart from Polar by Clam boasts exciting quality features at a price point of jaw-dropping proportion—MSRP is $99.99. Quality Polar components like the tilt and pivot frame and the quick-release tipper latch make dumping your yard load exactly where you want, easy with the flip of a latch. The heavy-duty high-impact polyethylene extruded tub holds seven cubic feet of lawn and garden material (level, not heaped). Decked out in quality wheels made with durable shielded ball bearings, only eight bolts make for quick and easy assembly compared to 40 or 50 bolts in competitive models.

“The LG7 is the best in its class,” shared Steve Geertsen, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Clam Outdoors. “Nothing comes close—not even within $50 of the price point.” Clam engineers work hard at testing and with their sophisticated equipment put years worth of daily-use on the gear in the course of days or weeks. “We thoroughly tested the LG7 against the competition and our high quality tubular frame handily outperforms the others. You just can’t beat the value.”

The tubular frame axle holds up strong under a full-tube frame with powder coat finish. Both support the good-sized 600-pound capacity tub. With 12 inches of ground clearance chores will be easy to maneuver from manicured yard to rough terrain and back again. For use with ATV or lawn trailer.

Image courtesy Clam Outdoors

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