After receiving thousands of emails from The Revolution followers regarding five specific shows over the past year, Jim and Trav have finally taken the hint and decided to explore the archives! So it’s time to play back some hot topics on “The Revolution Listener Rewind” with Jim and Trav. Tune in to hear the highlights of waterfowl hunting, antelope hunting, the wolf debate, gun grabbing, crossbow hunting and more!

Waterfowl Hunting

Tried and true strategy to call in and bag waterfowl limits is different with every waterfowl hunter you meet. This week a handful of experts like: Scott Threinen with Molt Gear, Jim Crowley of Hook And Hunt TV, Mike Marsh with Mike Marsh Outdoors, author and TV host Georgia Pellegrini and outdoor writer and TV host Wade Bourne give their most seasoned waterfowl advice to The Revolution listeners.

Antelope Hunting

The Pronghorn Antelope is an amazing creature exclusive to America, and all too often over looked as a fun and challenging big game hunt. Jim and Trav and a host of other antelope enthusiasts talk hunting the American Pronghorn. Hear from Mark Kayser an outdoor writer and TV host, Dale Denney of Bear Paw Outfitters, Joe Kenney with KOVE and Mark Renner of Be The Decoy.

The Wolf Debate

The delisting of wolves as an endangered species brought about a polarizing debate that sharply divided the country. Getting to the heart of the issue on this week’s show is President and CEO of RMEF David Allen, Joe Maurier with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Mike Richie of Richie Outfitters and Ryan Benson with Big Game Forever.

Gun Grabbing

Another debate gaining steam everyday in this country is the issue of guns and gun rights. The Revolution and guests took on this topic not so long ago. Hear from: Jim Fendy with Wisconsin’s Pro Gun Movement, Kendall Kroeker a Wyoming State Representative, David Codrea a Gun Rights writer for the Examiner and Cam Edwards of Cam & Company.


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