The Original, All-American Outdoorsman Introduces Five Young Adults to the Sportsman Lifestyle of Self-Reliance & Responsibility—Ted Style

The contestants are going “hog wild” this week on Wanted: Ted or Alive, staring rock and roll’s original wild man, Ted Nugent, airing on Sportsman Channel tonight at 7 pm ET. In tonight’s episode, Ted hunts with a contestant and the results will decide if the camp gets to eat dinner…or goes hungry. And later in the show, one contestant can’t take much more of ‘ole Uncle Ted’s antics.  The hour-long series follows five contestants as they “fight” to survive on Ted’s ranch, dubbed “Camp Nuge,” in Michigan and compete for cash prizes. Tune in for the unexpected as Nugent teaches his targets how to survive – Motor City Madman style.

Also in this episode, everyone gets a lesson from Ted on field dressing a deer.  As the deer is skinned, a contestant struggles to not pass out.  Next up, Ted pits his contestants against each other in a vote to decide which one gets an extra $5,000.  The catch – they can’t vote for themselves.  The next morning the contestants get a chance to “pig out” as they race to catch pigs and carry them through a maze to the finish line.  After a dip in the lake to clean off, Ted turns his challengers into human scarecrows and offers up $5,000 to the last one standing.  They struggle to stay on their post hour after hour while fighting exhaustion and sleep.

This reality show will have contestants question if they can truly survive the outdoors – and Nugent. From prepping live chickens for dinner to a “spiritual quest,” the five contestants battle themselves as well as each other – and without fail, Nugent is always in their head too.

Considered a “master outdoorsman” and one of the world´s best guitarist showman, Nugent pushes the limits of each contestant as they are thrown into the wild and forced to live off the land to eat, win and survive with Ted´s tools and by Ted´s rules. From using buffalo skin to make their own clothes to learning the sharp shooter skills of an archer, they participate in various challenges throughout the episodes, accruing points in the form of cash dollars along the way. The participant with the most ´money´ at the end of the week will win a grand prize of $25,000.

Image courtesy The Sportsman Channel

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