This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network including Jake, Steve, Greg and Zeke, Left Hand from the Talking Lead podcast. The hosts dissect Arsenal Arm’s new video which attempts to demonstrate how much less recoil its Strike Force series of pistols have compared the competition. This week Steve continues the discussion on why disarming the police is a bad idea. Dianne Feinstein continues her push for a weapons ban bill on Capitol Hill. Luckily, Senator Ted Cruz put the pressure on and inquired to Feinstein as to how the ban was constitutional and what other amendments she is willing to overlook.

The round table also discusses the story about Mark Kelly purchasing an AR-15 which was followed by photos of his wife, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, holding an AR-15. The couple has been acting as gun control advocates after Giffords was victim in a 2011 mass shooting. Top story of the week, the Assault weapons ban bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is now headed to the full Senate where the bill faces stiff opposition. Most of the senate Republicans, and a few democrats believe the bill violates our constitutional rights. You can hear more about these stories and many more on this weeks episode of This Week in Guns. To listen to the entire episode go to or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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