Many turkey hunters have realized that pot calls are the easiest to transport, replicate hen sounds and use in all weather conditions. They also are learning that not every old Long Beard will come running in to the same call every time. The designers at Knight and Hale have created a new series of pot calls, The Long Spur Series, to cover all your calling needs.

World Champion Turkey caller Chris Parrish says, “The Long Spur Series is designed around a polycarbonate pot with newly designed, integrated sound channels that are wider. This new design gives a richer tone, better pitch and a more lively sound. The striker has also been redesigned and properly weighted to match and perform on each particular calling surface.” Parrish added.

The Long Spur Series includes 3 pot calls with aluminum, glass or slate surfaces.  Each surface is pressure glued to insure each call is identical in sound and quality. The aluminum surface produces loud, raspy calls for long distance calling or hunting in windy conditions. The glass surface will also produce raspy yelps for mid-range hunting conditions. The slate surface produces soft, mellow yelps for quiet mornings or coaxing that Tom in the last few steps.

There is a reason that turkey hunting vests have several pockets, so fill them with a variety of calls for different hunting situations.

Each of the Long Spur Series has a MSRP of only $19.99!

Image courtesy Pradco Outdoors

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