Snap shot photos are great at birthday parties, but when it comes to hunting, a full view video of what’s slipping through your hunting territory when you’re not around is something to celebrate. That is exactly what you get with the time-lapse scouting technology available in a PlotWatcher Pro.

So what is time-lapse scouting? Simply put, time-lapse scouting is like a second pair of eyes when you can’t be at your stand or hunting setup. Almost any trail camera can take photos of wild game that walks by within a short enough range to trigger the camera, but the time-lapse technology found in a PlotWatcher Pro allows you to capture images of an area 10 times greater than the average trail camera on the market.

This greater field of view allows you to monitor your game of choice and its travel patterns while you are elsewhere. You’ll see game and observe travel patterns that would have otherwise gone undetected by traditional trail cameras.

In short, time-lapse video shows you exactly what you would have seen if you had been in your stand all day long. The viewing speed is remarkable as you can review footage from a 12-hour day in approximately 3 minutes.

The PlotWatcher Pro has the best battery life of time-lapse cameras, lasting up to 4 months on a set of 8 AA batteries. It can record up to 1 million images, which are saved directly to video format with Tru-Video. Using the included GameFinder software with MotionSearch, you can review hours of video quickly and easily find frames in which movement is detected.

It’s time to change up your game plan. Out with the old trail cams and in with the new, user-friendly time-lapse technology provided by Day 6 Outdoors. Check out video samples available online at

Image courtesy Source Outdoor Group

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