This week on North American Fisherman-TV, host John Haynes experiences a mind-boggling phenomenon while fishing off the coast of Montauk, New Jersey during the striper bass blitz with Capt. Frank Crescitelli. The show will also take a look at preventative measures for invasive species, followed by a new Knot Wars Lite edition with using knots to connect two lines.  Enjoy the same action and so much more by visiting the North American Fisherman YouTube Channel.

Host John Haynes is a renowned bass fisherman, but even he is amazed by the flurry of activity he encounters on his latest trip to Montauk for the bass blitz. “The first thing you notice are all the boats waiting for something to happen,” Haynes says. And that something is literally thousands of podded up fish churning the water during their winter migration.

“The fish are all stacked up in four to 10 feet of water and they can’t go anywhere because there’s more fish beneath them,” Crescitelli explains. The fish migrate from as far north as Maine down to North Carolina where they winter. At one time, he says, there were 26 million fish moving in pods during this migration, but that number has dwindled.

Because the fish are so abundant, Haynes notices lines of people on the shoreline, scaling rocks and cliffs, casting out in the water and easily pulling up fish. “You don’t even need a boat to catch bass today. These guys were getting a fish at least every other cast,” continues Haynes.

Beginning this week is a new series in Knot Wars Lite Edition testing knots that join two separate lines together. The Leader Knot and the Surgeon Knot are on deck this episode, which knot will be able to withstand the pressure using only lite line?

This week’s Field Test powered by takes a look at the Smart Shield Combo Pack Bug Spray/Suncreen and the Berkley Fireline Blaze Orange Line. In “Silent Invaders,” the crew visits a small community who’s taking steps to ensure their lake doesn’t become another invasive-species casualty by teaming up with local government agencies to arm their lake with a boat inspection agent.

From bass to stripers to swordfish, North American Fisherman-TV is traveling across the country to bring viewers the best action on the water today. North American Fisherman-TV airs on NBC Sports Network, Pursuit Channel, Discovery—Destination America and Wild TV.

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