This Week on BHK Outdoor Radio: Bob H. Lee, Author and Retired Game Warden


In Episode #63 of BHK Outdoor Radio, L.T. and Dan talk with Bob H. Lee and discuss everything from conservation to catching those who catch gators illegally.

Bob H. Lee spent 30 years working as a game and fish officer in northeast Florida. He spent his time tracking and chasing poachers. He participated in the largest environmental bust in Florida. Bob tells L.T. and Dan about the techniques of tracking tire tracks. He shares stories about boat chases in the middle of the night through creeks and rivers. Bob fascinates L.T. and Dan with stories about how he got into conservation, notorious poachers, and a man named Gator.

Listen in as they talk about fish, gators, and more. Bob H. Lee talks about his book Backcountry Lawman. Many more stories and much more information can be found in the book.

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