New Flextone-Extinguisher Deer Call


New Roads, LA- Flextone Game Calls, the industry leader in natural game sounds introduces the new Extinguisher deer call to their 2013 deer hunting line-up.

When you need to turn that big buck’s attention and get him headed in your direction, you don’t have time-and can’t risk giving yourself away by moving-to switch from a grunt tube to a doe bleat.

The Extinguisher incorporates Flextone’s patented Modi SlideTM System for instant, accurate fawn, doe or buck sounds. Perfect for even the coldest days in the field, the Freeze Free design keeps your call clear and ready by eliminating reed lock-up, while the double-layered, rubber corrugated Throat Tube delivers the most deceptively realistic, attention-grabbing sound possible-a must when you’re working to get wary animals within range for the right shot.

Product #: FG-DEER-00049

UPC: 8-15097-00409-7

Product benefits:

  • Modi Slide System for instant call change
  • Fawn, doe and buck sounds
  • Freeze-free reed design
  • Double-layered rubber corrugated Throat Tube 
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