Moon Shine, LP Licenses Their Camo to Woody’s Range Wear


Moon Shine, LP, the designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire and Moon Shine Camo, is excited to announce that they have permitted Woody’s Range Wear to use their camo patterns. Woody’s Range Wear has introduced bullet necklaces and earrings done in the Muddy Girl Camouflage pattern. They anticipate other Moon Shine Camo patterns to follow.

Woody’s Range Wear specializes in bullet jewelry that is made from real bullet casings and is available in a variety of calibers. All jewelry is handmade, and no two pieces are exactly alike.

“We at Woody’s Range Wear are super excited about this new relationship with Moon Shine Attitude Attire,” said Stacy Smith from Woody’s Range Wear. “We are honored to be designing a line of jewelry featuring Muddy Girl Camo.  When we first came up with the idea we knew it would be big for us. This new relationship with Moon Shine Attitude Attire will give the ever growing women hunters something else to be excited about. Not only can they wear camo that doesn’t look like a man’s, they can do it with accessories to match. We believe that women are proud of how much they love hunting and the outdoors, and we are just helping them “shine” a little more.”

“We are glad Woody’s Range Wear has approached us to offer our camo patterns,” states Moon Shine LP president, Travis Mattern. “They have a unique product and we feel our camo can help take it to the next level.  This specialized jewelry fills a niche market that is sure to succeed.”

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